Great Rock Alpacas

In 2004, after buying the property where the great rock lies, Kate was inspired to join the Alpaca business world, set up the farm and honor it with the name – Great Rock Alpacas. Kate Lathrop, who worked at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the alumni association and many other management positions for 23 years, used to dream two thoughts while commuting on the mass turnpike every day. The first dream was to live near the Quabbin Reservoir in one of the beautiful, small towns that surround it.

The second dream was to raise llamas. (This is before she knew anything about alpacas!) These two dreams fused together into one and she now lives in Barre, Massachusetts and raises alpacas, along with her husband Jack who assists with the farm. How these two people came together to be married just two years ago; how they ended up in Barre; and how Kate actually made the decision to start this new career is a story for friends over cocktails. Nonetheless, she made the leap and has happily started a new life and career.

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